Grant Davis

Grant Davis - WLJS Program Director
Grant Davis – WLJS Program Director

Grant Davis is the Program Director for WLJS 91.9 FM. He is a senior at Jacksonville State University where he is currently pursuing a degree in the field of Communications with a concentration in broadcasting and a minor in English. His job as the Program Director is to oversee all staff positions, the shows and to create a great environment within WLJS. His goals for the fall and spring semester this year are to bring in upgrades to the station, put on fun fundraisers for the the community and create interactive shows for the listeners. He also plans to create content for the station on multiple social media platforms. Davis says he is looking forward to his first semester as Program Director and will do his best to make the station even greater. Contact Grant at

Christian Webb

ChChristian Webb - WLJS Assistant Program Director
Christian Webb – WLJS Assistant Program Director

Christian Webb is the Assistant Director WLJS. He is a Broadcast major and an Esports and Film minor. His job within the station includes helping Grant in the decisions that he makes for the betterment of the station and handling the load of the video design and editing for the station too. He says his favorite part of WLJS is having a medium to express himself to others. He believes radio is a great medium for vocal arts and audio editing as well. Webb debuted on his first show two years ago as a guest discussing Esports and what it meant for the future. Since then, not much has changed. If you’re looking to talk sports, movies or video games, then Christian is your guy. Contact Christian at




Emily Sigmon

Emily Sigmon - WLJS Assistant Music Director
Emily Sigmon – WLJS Assistant Music Director

Emily Sigmon is the Assistant Music Director at WLJS. Here, she is responsible for putting music on the system as well as showing new DJs the ropes and assisting them in creating promos. Currently, she is studying broadcasting and film and is an aspiring videographer and content creator. In her free time, Emily plays the guitar and sings in a band called Mood Room, a dreamy emo-indie alternative band. She also thoroughly enjoys underground music, fashion and dark humor. Other than that, her hobbies include thrift shopping, studying astrology and taking pictures of her friends with her Nikon. She also loves her dog, Raz, bubble tea, and anything beautiful or thought provoking. If you want to be a DJ, reach out to Emily and ask her to play your favorite songs on WLJS 91.9. Contact Emily at