Doja Cat- Hot Pink

Jada Hester

Doja Cat is Changing the Rap Game With “Hot Pink”

After Doja Cat’s cow-themed song “Mooo!” went viral last year, everyone expected that
to be her fifteen minutes of fame. However, the 24-year-old’s second album, released in
November of 2019, shocked music-lovers everywhere. Her first album, Amala, had a more
hip-hop and R&B sound, but Hot Pink combines both of those genres and somehow adds in pop,
smooth bass, soulful tones, and rap into one consistent and cohesive album.
Those that have listened to Doja Cat before know she does not shy away from singing
about sex. In fact, most of her songs are very sexually explicit. This creates an in-charge attitude
in her music, and her lyrics about sexual freedom are refreshing. In songs like “Say So” and
“Addiction,” the singer raps about how she feels about her body, and she is not afraid to demand
what she knows she deserves.
Doja Cat is just as talented in singing as she is rapping, and she uses that to her advantage
throughout this album. For example, in “Talk Dirty” she switches quickly from fast wordplay to
smooth and softer lyrics. This type of quick change doesn’t happen often for rappers, and some
can’t do it at all, but Doja Cat is slowly changing the game.
Hot Pink has been a major success since its release. With several songs like “Juicy” and
“Say So” on the US Billboard Hot 100, Doja Cat has been doing incredible with her newest
album. With a tour coming up later this month consisting of 15 shows across North America, this
empowering female rapper is set for success. Society needs a strong woman in the music
industry that’s not afraid to take control of both her music and her sexuality, and that woman is
Doja Cat.
4 / 5 Stars!